Bruk I. Glymme. Lars Halldorsson got, as mentioned, the deed from Knut, his brother, for bruk l for 616 spd. Lars was g. m. Marta Endresdr. Uppheim, Gullfj. and had six children: Margreta f. 1799, g. 1. 1819 m. Per Bårdson En, 2. 1828 m. Styrk Olavson Høyland, Synneva f. 1802, g. 1. 1829 m. Olav Mattisson Lunde, 2. 1835 m. David Monsson Lunde, Endre f. 1805, Brita f. 1810, g. 1841 m. cotter Eirik Styrkson Hegle, Asgjerd f. 1814, g. 1835 m. Lars Gusskalkson Lydvo, cotter at Grjotland and Anna f. 1815. Anna had two children: Endre (America) and Knut Steffason who lived at Flatekvålsteigen.

Endre Larsson was g. 1828 m. Jorunn Olavsdr. Høyland f. 1804. He got the farm for 300 spd., sold it in 1839 to his brother-in-law David Monsson for 800 spd. and subsequently lived at Uppheim, Gullfj. Endre and Jorunn had seven children: Lars f. 1829 (Kabelvåg), Synneva f. 1831, Marta f. 1834, both died unmarried, Olav f. 1838 (in Kabelvåg), Styrk Høyland f. 1842, good blacksmith, Ingebjørg f. 1846 died in 1864 and Knut f. 1850. Knut got married in 1876 m. Ingebjørg Bergesdr. Svanga, was a carpenter and had a house in Haugamoen. Both are dead and have children. David and Synneva had five children: Marta f. 1835 (America), Brita f. 1837, g. 1856 m. Nils Olavson Ygre, Olav f. 1840, Ingebjørg f. 1843 (America), and Margreta f. 1846 (America). David died in 1850, 53 years gl. He fell off Jernes Bridge. Synneva died in 1877, 75 years gl. At his estate settlement, the farm was valued at 500 spd.

Olav Davidson got married m. Ingebjørg Arnvedsdr. Rjodo and got the farm at the estate settlement of his father for 500 spd. She died in 1893, Olav in 1902 and they had seven children: David f. 1866, g. m. Jakobina Jansen, driver in Bergen, Marta f. 1867, g. m. Gjert N. Eggjareid, see bruk 13 of Indre Haugo, Synneva f. 1869, g. m. ein Nilssen at Bodø and is dead, Johannes f. 1872, g. m. Ingebjørg Rue, lives at Rjukan, Anna f. 1874, g. m. Gustav Rogne from Valdres, Lars f. 1876, g. m. Ingebjørg Petersen, homeowner in Bergen and Knut f. 1882, died in 1900. Gudleik Andersson Horvei bought the farm in 1887 for 6,000 crowns. He was f. 1858, g. m. Kristina Johannesdr. Fadnes.

Gudleik worked for a time with spinning wheels and had often been a prize judge at harness races. They had four children: Kari f. 1881, g. m. Jakob Håheim, lived at Kvåle, Gullfj., Marta f. 1889, g. m. Samson Rondestveit, Ulvik, Brita f. 1895 and Anders f. 1899, g. m. Guro Larsdr. Sæd, Eidfjord. He got the deed for the farm in 1923 for 3,000 crowns. Bruk l was previously mtrno. 231, Ino. 456 with an old assessment of 2 pund 6 mark, unrevised 2 dalar 4 ort 22 skill., revised to 3 dalar l skill. The new assessment


Bruk 2. Glymme. Rognald Halldorson got in 1798, as mentioned above, the deed from Knut, his brother, for bruk 2. He was f. 1772 and g. 1799 m. Margreta Endresdr. Uppheim. He tilled and fixed a lot on the farm, had iron bars in the hayfields to break the stone protrusions that were in the way for the scythes. Rognald died in 1835, Margreta in 1838, 63 years gl., and they had seven children: Margreta f. 1799, g. 1821 m. Halldor Brynjulvson Løno f. 1788 (America), Asgjerd f. 1801, g. 1821 m. Lars Person Gjerme (America), Marta f. 1806, g. 1831 m. Lars Olavson Jernes f. 1802, Synneva f. 1803, g. 1830 m. Anders Eirikson Himle f. 1804, Anna f. 1813, g. 1840 m. Olav Person Nesthus, Ingebjørg f. 1816, g. m. Ivar Johannessen Steine from Aurland, and Knut f. 1820.

Knut Rognaldson was g. 1840 m. Brita Johannesdr. Himle f. 1819 and got the farm at the estate settlement after his father. Knut was on the school board, the Town Board, chairman of the assessment commission and librarian in the people’s book collection. Knut died in 1874, Brita in 1895, and they had nine children: Rognald f. 1840, Johannes f. 1842, g. m. Helmine Schelderup, Margreta f. 1845, g. m. Knut Henderson f. 1835 (America), Per f. 1847, g. m. Madli Hansdr. Spildo, Granvin, Åmund f. 1850, g. 1. m. Anna Spildo, Granvin, 2. 1880 m. Guri Larsdr. Finnesteigen, Anders f. 1853, g. m. Ågota Ivarsdr. Steine, Anna f. 1856, g. m. ekm. Stortingsman Nils Skår, Norheimsund, Odd f. 1858, g. m. Emma Endresdr. Nedkvitno and Synneva f. 1862, see bruk 5. At Knut’s estate settlement the farm was valued at 400 spd. and the forest at 50 spd.

Johannes was a teacher and after about 1870, a telegrapher, telegraph supervisor in Nordland and telegraph agent in Stavanger, where he died in 1932. He had a lot to do with the planning and building of new telegraph lines. He had several public positions in Lødingen, Hammerfest and Stavanger. Knut Løno, or Knut Henderson, the name he used in America, ran an artist studio in Chicago until he took over his father’s farm in Wisconsin. He was also a musician, published a choral book and songbooks, was the first president in the Vossalag and worked tirelessly for collection of gifts to Voss Children’s Orphanage. He has given to Voss Folk Museum a book with 80—90 songs that he had composed and written in a book. Per and Åmund were carpenters and builders in America. Anders was a teacher and later a postmaster in Minnesota. Anna was first with a dairy and then a teacher in handicrafts at the practical girl’s school at Onarheim, member of the board of directors for Home Economics in the fylke and of a department committee for defining the Home Economics School. Odd had a clockmaker business in Madison.

Rognald Knutson got married with Margreta Styrksdr. Hildestveiti f. 1844, and got his father’s farm for 3200 crowns. He was a drummer, later noncommissioned officer and rose to master sergeant and company commander of the Hardanger Infantry Battalion. He helped found the Voss Temperance League and for a long time was its president. In 1900, he earned the Kings Service Medal in Silver. Margreta died in 1911 and Rognald 1922. Four children: Rognald f. 1867, Johannes f. 1872, g. m. Anna Kvamme, Vossastr., a clockmaker in Chicago, Olina f. 1875, g. m. Arne Stuland, supervising teacher at Stord Teacher’s College and Knut f. 1881 who was a clockmaker and jeweler in Washington. Rognald was in America for a time, came home again, got the deed from his father for the farm for 3,000 crowns in 1920 and got married with Ingebjørg Larsdr. Græe f. 1890. His son Rognald Rognaldson got the farm in 1937.

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