Gudvangen stein med lasting og utskiping av anortositt i Gudvangen med lastebåten Wilson Gaeta (Aurland kommune) (Mai 2012) (Informasjon)

Gudvangen Stein AS is producing anorthosite rock from the mine located in Nærøydalen, a valley on the border between Voss and Sogn in Western Norway.
Gudvangen is most commonly known for its impressive scenery of the valley and the fjord between high and steep mountains. The mountains are rich of the white anorthosite rock having a significant content of aluminum minerals. There have been underground mining activities in this area since the 1960s.

Gudvangen’s operation today is based on underground room and pillar mining in Jordalsnuten on the western side of Nærøydalen valley. The annual production is about 230 000 tons of rock and at the site of the mine the white rock is crushed and separated into fractions. When crushing at the mining site all parts of the mined rock is processed into saleable products, leaving no tailings in the environment.

Source: Gudvangen Stein AS

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